Intercultural Rubbish

Water and land exist side by side. As water segregate lands, shorelines become a place of meetings and connections defying the separation and disconnect.

Intercultural Rubbish is an assemblage, an installation or a collage that uses materials gathered from land, rejected by water or things left behind by people. The range of material and possibility of assemblage shifts with its location day to day.

Each day, we find something that catches the eye on the beach. This is the start of gathering random objects and placing them beside the first one to create an artwork with unique cultural and geographical integrity.

Invite beach goers to contribute to the work with something of their choice, which connects them to the intervention, the collective memories and the ownership of the assemblage.
At the end of the day, as rising water washes away the work, things flatten and fade underlining the ephemeral character of these installations.

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