City of Art II – Toronto Art Exhibition

Hi everyone,

Come and see my latest feature: Edifice –  in the City of Art II Exhibition at Gallery 1313, October 26, 2016 until November 6 2016 between 1 – 6PM.

City of Art II is a curated exhibition of artists who explore the issues of development and city planning as seen through their art works . This exhibition follows last years successful exhibition. Artists offer see their world in different ways and this leads to conversation and perhaps exploring new ways to look at our urban environment . This years exhibit will include film , photography , painting , mixed media , drawing and sculpture .

It was curated online from a call for submissions by Gallery 1313s director , Phil Anderson .
The exhibition will hopefully read like collection of short stories each with an individual vision or tale to tell..

The exhibit will include the film short River & Oak that looks at the redevelopment of m Regent Park over decades . The film by James Malekzadeh has interviews with former residents of Regent Park and their sense of community .

Other confirmed artists include Emanuel Pavao, Brian Deignan , Ravi Persaud , Tara Korkmaz , Mikael Sandblom, Karin Shaddick, Anastessia Bettas, Chris Harms , Adrienne Scott, Eve Gane, Dragica Vidakovic, Anne Winter . Dean Bradley , Sofie Sharom, James Ruddle , Nicole Mulder and others.

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