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Water and land exist side by side. As water segregates land, shorelines become a place of meetings and connections, defying the separation and disconnect. Shores and waterfronts are the primal public spaces.

Intercultural Rubbish is an intervention in public spaces on shorelands spanning six continents. An assemblage, an installation, or a collage that uses materials gathered from the land, rejected by water, or things left behind by people. The range of materials and possibilities of assemblage shifts with its location and time.

Each day, we find something that catches the eye on the beach. We gather random objects and place them next to each other to spark a conversation with a unique cultural and geographical integrity. We invite beachgoers to contribute to the assemblage with something of their choice. A shard agency connects the participants to the intervention and collective memories.

At the end of the day, as rising water washes away the work, things flatten and fade, underlining the ephemeral nature of the experience.