By the Lake, on the Lake

June 27, 2024

June 26 – July 26, 2024 at Niagara Pumphouse Art Centre This new body of work emerges from sketches inspired by the history, life, and nature of Niagara-on-the-Lake. It emphasizes the beauty of peace in a place that was once the site of historical war. I depict peace in vibrant colors that find solace in…


Chautauqua Old Oak

February 23, 2023

A commission for the Stewards of Sustainability in Chautauqua to create a rendition of one of the oldest Oak Trees in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The Chautauqua Oak is a native tree in imminent danger due to recent adjacent residential excavations.


This Neck Turns Heads

February 25, 2022

Phasing in and out of fashion, trends play a pivotal role in shaping the intricate dynamics of the fashion world. Among these trends, the turtleneck sweater has experienced undulating phases, with its image tortuously linked to success rather than failure. This text delves into the evolutionary trajectory of the turtleneck sweater as a quintessential fashion…


Mural Art Residency with UrbanArt.

September 12, 2019

Mural Art Residency with UrbanArt. A signature project of the Cultural Hotspot in partnership with the City of Toronto. August 2019, Artscape Weston Common in Collaboration with Victoria Charko, Freddi Lo-toca and Artist Mentor Hadley Howes. Mural reveal, Sept. 11 2019.


Illegal Entries

June 1, 2019

Opening Reception | “Illegal Entries” by Tara Korkmaz | June 6 @ 6 PM | Ryerson School of Image Arts (122 Bond St., IMA 322) | Exhibit runs from June 6-17 | Free & Open to the public! Featured in DocNow 2019 Festival.


The Truth About Apology

November 30, 2018

  Crocodile Tears | Video Installation |2018     On Institutional Apologies   The installation consists of 50 different public, institutional apologies from Canada, Australia, Denmark, Germany, and South Africa to underline the global scale of this phenomena.   It seems that the white male in position of power has this extraordinary ability to not…


Peace on Earth

January 16, 2018

Unify Box, January 18-21th sixth Design Boom mart in Toronto, presented at IDS 2018 on the occasion of its 20th anniversary. International collaboration initiated and organized by Unify Design Art…